Willis wilde Wege – On tour with Willi Weitzel

As a photo reporter, I accompanied Willi Weitzel – known from the TV show Willi wills wissen – on various adventurous journeys for the second time. Willi presents my photos and videos in his multivision showWillis wilde Wege, a series of shows with which he tours throughout Germany. In October 2016, we initially set off for the project Going Home. In June 2017, Willi let himself drift down a river under the motto treib gut.

Two adventurers drift down the Unstrut river in Saxony-Anhalt.

You’re stressed out from everyday life and just want to get away for a few days. Who doesn’t know that? We are often quickly drawn to city trips, organized tours or exotic destinations. Paris, the Alps or Mallorca. It all sounds good, but let’s be honest: it’s not uncommon for plans to fail due to a lack of budget or difficulties in planning vacation days.

Willi thought to himself: why does it have to be so complicated? A distraction from everyday life, a challenge or the experience of hospitality must also be possible more easily and spontaneously. With his “Feieraben(d)teuern” he provides his audience with inspiration.

Below I show you some impressions of the tours. You can find out more about his lectures as part of Willis wilde Wege at www.willi-live.de.

Going home – October 2016

A different kind of “blind man’s buff”: adults should also indulge their play instinct now and again. Blindfolded, Willi has his brother Manuel drop him off at an unknown location an hour’s drive from home. Manuel takes his money, cell phone and a change of clothes. Let’s see how long it takes Willi to get back home!

drift well – June 2017

The belief that you can achieve anything in life if you just work hard is widespread. But what influence does chance have? Doesn’t it often only come into play when you take the pressure off and let yourself drift? Willi takes the phrase literally and wants to let himself drift. Together with his friend Sven, he jumps into the Unstrut in Saxony-Anhalt. Dressed in wetsuits and a tent in a (theoretically) waterproof bag, the two of them drift for three days. A humid and cheerful voyage of discovery develops with many wonderful coincidences.

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